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What to expect when applying for a Florida Driver License or Identification Card & Registering Vehicles

Moving to a new state brings so many necessary tasks to complete, including applying for a driver license or identification card and registering vehicles. Every state has similar, but different requirements which can be challenging and frustrating for new residents.

The Bay County Tax Collector’s Office wants to make the process as easy as possible for new residents to complete their transactions the first time they visit an office, so here are some resources to assist our new Floridians.

Document Requirements
Knowing what documents to bring to complete your transaction is really important. We’ve created specific document checklists for customers based on the transaction. Please take time to review these document requirements BEFORE you visit the Tax Collector’s Office. This will save you time and frustration.

Book An Appointment
New Resident appointments are time consuming as most include driver license as well as vehicle registrations. Our team wants to set aside adequate time to complete the multiple transactions a customer needs completed. Therefore, we ask New Residents to please schedule a New Resident appointment. If there is more than one individual in the household, we ask that you make an appointment for each household member that needs a driver license or identification card. This helps our team know we will have multiple transactions and allows us to be prepared to dedicate the necessary resources to successfully serve you.

*Please be aware all driver license services end daily at 4 p.m.

Chat Bot
Have a question after hours? We have a 24/7 chat bot on our website that can answer most of your general questions regarding our services. Simply visit BayTaxCollector.com and click on the green question mark to ask your question.

More information can be found online at BayTaxCollector.com.