The Woods: A Breath of Fresh Air


Granite Plus Kitchen 2 Nov 2020Natural wood cabinetry is making its way back into our kitchens and it is a breath of fresh air. In Panama City Beach, white painted, shaker cabinetry has dominated the kitchen design scene for a while now, but this year the trend is changing. The white, painted, maple cabinet is still extremely trendy, but Alder, Oak, Cherry and other hardwoods are being added to the mix. Whether it is an island or a hood, or maybe even a pantry, a touch of some heavy grained wood or stained wood is refreshing, unique and brings some warmth into any space.

Alder wood is a beautiful accent wood. There is clear Alder and Knotty Alder. A Knotty Alder island with a white shaker cabinet on the perimeter is a lovely mix.

Knotty Alder wood is a beautiful, rustic, antiqued wood and it is available locally in a wide range of stains and treatments at Granite Plus. One of our favorite knotty alder door styles, Arcadia, is an inset door style, with a chestnut stain.

Granite Plus Kitchen3 Nov 2020Oak is no longer old fashioned. I know most of us think of the natural oak look from the 70s and 80s and are saying, “no way,” and I would have to go with that. Natural oak stain is out, but Oak comes in a variety of stains in beautiful, soft tones and it is known for its strong wood grain. Some of our favorite Oak stains are Greystone, Shale and Riverrun.

Cherry wood is also a beautiful wood with a smooth grain that can be mixed with a white shaker in a kitchen and is also available in a variety of stains.

When designing your kitchen, we recommend choosing a countertop and possibly flooring at the same time, as this will guide you to choosing an alternative wood to accent your painted cabinets.