“Raise The Bar…Go Bold”


Heron PicShades of white and grey are the most popular colors right now in interior design and you can “raise the bar” with a touch of bold in any project. Whether you are remodeling, building a home or just need to freshen up what you’ve got, bringing in some bold will do just the trick to forming a beautiful and balanced space.

Texture is a fabulous way to “raise the bar.” Texture comes in all types of forms and can dramatically change a space. Where to start though, right? There are so many options available to us at our finger tips and a whirl wind of interior accessories to choose from.

Artwork or exotic countertops are great places to start. Finding inspiration is always important to create a space because it will offer direction.

We have pictured here a captivating Heron, and this bold piece instantly brings contrast, texture and emotion into the space. Upholstery, lighting, linens and all accessories are chosen to bring balance and enhance a focal point. All work together to create a “raise the bar” space.

Exotic stones are another great way to bring texture into a space. A few months ago we had a client come to us for countertops. She had a beautiful, traditional home, rich with artwork inspired by history. She told me “I want something that looks like a piece art.”
After shopping around, she and her husband decided on Titanium Granite. Black and gold are the dominant colors in this stone with movement that is exhilarating. Although pictured here, you would have to see this stone in person to enjoy the depth and energy it has.
Traditional met bold in her space and Titanium, this exciting, exotic stone from Brazil, truly “raised the bar” in the interior design of her home.

Texture in furniture, rugs, pillows, and linens are other great options to “raise the bar.” Consider a custom upholstered chair that may enhance your artwork or countertops. Bold rugs are always fun. Don’t be a afraid of bringing bold textures into your life.

Now I know we have some readers out there that love simple, clean and sophisticated. There are some bold, but subtle touches that can go with those beautiful shades of white and grey that can really “raise the bar” in your space in a subtle way. White cabinets and white quartz countertops are a popular choice right now. Choosing a bold hardware or lighting is subtle but bold enough to create some contrast and balance to your space.

SHOP LOCAL! Although we live in a world where you can get on amazon and buy at your fingertips, we always want to encourage our readers to shop local. The designers at Tassels Interiors can guide you into bringing in some bold into your home. They offer design expertise and a lovely selection of custom fabrics, custom lighting, custom furniture and more to bring some bold design in to your space.