PCB Chamber Spotlight: Introducing Carroll Coastal Contracting, LLC


Two opposites are building a business while painting a love story to take them down the final third. Thirty years ago, Cynthia Jordan graduated from Florida State University, but it was only recently that she returned to Florida to help build and design a unique home in Inlet Beach.

Carroll CoastalAbout two years ago, she met a crazy Canadian, Fred Carroll, at church in West Virginia. They were total opposites in many respects, but very similar in their creative instincts. She also noticed that this crazy Canadian had a flair and enthusiasm with his paint brush, sort of an old school and classic style painter. Now, the two have teamed up to form Carroll Coastal Contracting, LLC in the Florida Panhandle.

Fred is not your normal painter – it’s what Cynthia calls, “boutique,” artisan painting.
They’re not a production paint company that paints rows of houses, they are custom painters. At Carroll Coastal Contracting, LLC, every wall is unique, all the drywall is different, and painting is an ART. Fred loves to take something and make it look extraordinary. The combination couldn’t be better, as Cynthia has an eclectic vintage design style with a passion for everything from coastal farmhouse to shabby chic. She designs furniture and Fred builds it, which makes for a winning partnership. They like to explore rural areas looking for wood and natural materials to repurpose for one-of-a-kind beds, coffee tables or consoles. Nothing is more exciting than finding an old barn full of wood and rusty nails. They love to mix and match new and old in homes. Have an old shed you want to tear down? Give them a call, it could become tomorrow’s heirloom. They also do barter too – they’ll provide the labor in exchange for old wood.

Today’s home owners are looking for more than grandma’s gray walls, they want originality and something special. We love to capture the homeowner’s personality and creativity. Give Carroll Coastal Contracting LLC your blank slate and we can show you how to make your home you!

For more information, call Cynthia at (850) 730-7460