Meet Your Neighbors


Neighbors John & AnnJohn and Ann Smith have lived in Panama City Beach for 29 years and currently reside on Grand Palm Blvd. The couple have been married 42 years and have two children, Adam and Katie.

John holds a Ph.D in Medical/Veterinary Entomology (insects affecting human & animal health) and Ann is a former special education educator.

Over the course of his 37-year career, including 20 as director of the State of Florida mosquito control product testing laboratory, John has dedicated his work to mosquito control research.

As John explains, “Aside from being a major nuisance, mosquitoes are the world’s most deadly creatures capable of spreading serious illnesses such as, West Nile virus, Eastern Equine encephalitis, dengue, and dog heartworm…diseases currently circulating in Florida. Mosquito control involves much more than just spraying. I have the scientific background necessary to know how to achieve exceptional control to benefit Beach residents.”

Though now retired, John continues to serve on the Florida Health Department Mosquito Advisory Task Force and is currently running for a seat as Commissioner of Beach Mosquito Control District in the November elections.

John and Ann enjoy spending time with family, working on their property near Pine Log State Park, visiting national parks, and are avid nature lovers.