Know Your Pro: Emerald Beach Rentals


By Sean Mackenny

Emerald Beach Tina NastasiOriginally from North Carolina, Tina Nastasi fell in love with the Emerald Coast and has made it her home for more than three decades. Over the years, she has become an established real estate investor and entrepreneur, drawing from her extensive experience with the launch of Emerald Beach Rentals with local realtor, Roger Rietsma.

Like Tina, co-founder and long-time friend Roger fell in love with the natural beauty of the area and made it his home. He has worked in Panama City Beach real estate for the past 20 years and has extensive experience within the hospitality sector, including managing several large-scale hotel chains. Roger is a top-selling agent with Allison James Estates and Homes. Tina and Roger co-founded Emerald Beach Rentals with the desire to build long-lasting relationships with property owners and vacation-goers alike.

Emerald Beach Rentals makes local waves providing long and short-term rentals in Bay County and Walton County, offering a wide range of stunning properties to fit all budgets and needs. Following its launch last year, it has grossed almost half a million dollars and has ambitious plans for expansion. Alongside this business, Tina is also the founder of Bay Professional Cleaning. It comes as no surprise that Emerald Beach Rentals have the cleanest units in Panama City Beach!

With customer service their top priority, they went all-in with top-of-the-line software that enables them to advertise their properties on a multitude of sites simultaneously to maximize income for their clients. Their strong ties to the community are an incredible asset, as together they know the best cleaners, maintenance, and repairmen in the area. Providing great service to the vacationers, it’s easy to see why a 5-star management company sprouted its home-grown roots on the Emerald Coast.

Tina knows how important it is to feel at home wherever you are. As a military spouse, she is used to moving around the country and is keen to deliver great experiences for her customers. Tina says, “Roger and I have worked day and night to make Emerald Beach Rentals the best experience our guests can have. We want them to come back to Panama City Beach over and over again and know we will do our absolute best to make their stay an experience they won’t forget. We are in this business to make a difference in the lives of our guests, owners and community.”

You can find all about Emerald Beach Rentals on their website at as well as Vrbo, AirBnB and For any enquiries about property management or rentals please email