Keeping the Skies Friendly: Beach Mosquito Control District


By James Clauson, Director, BMCD

It seems that spring had just sprung, but now it’s halfway through summer! Next month, school will be here, and we will be in the middle of hurricane season. We want to make sure that the residents of BMCD know that they are being served by a mosquito control district that uses the latest and greatest technology and methodology to combat mosquitoes in the Panama City Beach area.

BMCD incorporates an integrated approach to mosquito control. We use four basic methodologies to control the mosquitoes here in the district: larviciding, adulticiding, public education and permanent control measures (removing or emptying containers that contain water). All mosquitoes need water to start their life cycle, from an egg to larva to pupae to adult mosquito. We also have an array of surveillance devices that monitor the mosquito population and any mosquito borne diseases. We use these surveillance devices (CDC baited light traps, resting boxes, gravid traps, landing rate counts, etc.) to determine where and when to use ULV (ultra low volume) spray for adult mosquitoes. That is adulticiding, or targeting the adult mosquito and it’s typically done at night, when the mosquitoes are active.

During the day, technicians are out larviciding, checking any still bodies of water (small ponds, stagnant creeks, containers-man made and natural) for the presence of mosquito larva. When they find them, a source is entered into our database and the technician treats that water to control the mosquito larva. If we can control the larva, this will prevent the emergence of an adult (and thirsty) female mosquito. Remember, only female mosquitoes bite.

Our public education department makes presentations to homeowner groups, civic organizations, and our local schools. When residents know that all mosquitoes need water to breed in, they can check around their homes and dump any containers that hold potential breeding water.

Lastly, BMCD is a local Independent Special Taxing District created in 1953 by the residents of Panama City Beach. All our services are paid for by the taxpayers in the district. Please call us at (850) 233-5030, or visit our website at if you are bothered by mosquitoes, and submit a service request, again, free of charge.