Hormone Therapy for Men


Dr Chern PhotoBy Dr. Richard Chern, M.D.

Men eventually go through ANDROPAUSE which is basically male menopause. This typically occurs between age 35 & 55 but can occur earlier. This process occurs slowly and symptoms creep into our lives unnoticed until they begin affecting those around us. Symptoms include weight gain, lack of energy, irritability, fatigue, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, reduced exercise tolerance, weight gain, impaired memory, poor concentration, nervousness, depression, insomnia, sweating and the feeling that you are past your prime. Is it any wonder that men go through a midlife crisis?

Testing is easy. We can provide a lab order for you to take to your lab or we can draw your blood at any of our offices. If you have already had your labs drawn you can send them to us for review but often it is best to have labs redone as most offices fail to order everything that is needed. Labs should be drawn in the morning and although fasting is not required it is recommended. At The Hormone Restoration Center we look at testosterone and other labs that are often affected by low testosterone levels.

Treating low testosterone can reduce or eliminate every symptom discussed above; but not all treatments are the same. Some treatments improve symptoms and improve health.
Some treatments improve symptoms but increase the risk for disease and death. For example, research shows that testosterone shots can increase risk for heart attacks, strokes, and death from heart disease. The risks are not the same for every form of testosterone replacement. At The Hormone Restoration Center we use bio-identical testosterone replacement that can help reduce the risk of aggressive prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, muscle loss, osteoporosis and much more.

In addition, estrogen levels are vitally important in the proper treatment of andropause. Unfortunately, many physicians forget to consider this issue or some incorrectly block estrogen production which increases the risk for disease and death.

There are many considerations when treating low testosterone in men. Although symptoms may be universal, treatment MUST be individualized.

Treating testosterone properly should not only resolve your symptoms but also improve your health. At The Hormone Restoration Center we do this every day. We are certified in the use of bio-identical hormones in men and women for the treatment of andropause, menopause and many other conditions.

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