Gain a Pound, Lose a Pound


Dr Chern PhotoBy Dr. Richard Chern, M.D.

Diet and exercise have always been at the core of weight loss. These sound so simple and easy but for many of us, no matter what we try, it seems like we cannot succeed at either of these. Little things sneak into our lives to prevent us from staying on track and sometimes it’s difficult to know what foods to eat and what foods not to eat. The “perfect diet” has changed so many times it’s hard to even know what’s really good for us. Low fat, low carb, low calorie, eat six small meals a day, intermittent fasting. What are we supposed to do? It just doesn’t seem possible to eat food that makes us feel good and still lose weight?

Diet Fat Health Weight PreviewExercise recommendations change frequently as well. Cardio, cardio, cardio changed to weight training and that has changed to high intensity for shorter time and some suggest low intensity for longer times. We certainly want the most out of the effort we put in so it’s frustrating when you have no clue if you are doing the right thing and this often keeps people from even getting started. This doesn’t even take into account those who have injuries or diseases that prevent them from being able to diet or exercise as suggested.

It would be great if everyone had a personal chef and personal trainer but the vast majority of us do not have that luxury. So what options are there?

At our clinic we have been asked so many times for diet plans and weight loss plans that we finally put together a plan to benefit nearly every patient. We have been able to consistently achieve safe, healthy and significant weight loss in many of our patients. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Optimizing hormones and thyroid helps with weight loss but this can be a slow process and many people want some quick weight loss at the beginning to help fuel that fire to continue and succeed. So, because of high demand, we decided to restart a dedicated weight loss program. This program has been used in the past with great success and significant results. We are now accepting new patients for this proven program and would love to help you with your struggle to lose weight. If you are interested in feeling healthier, happier and lighter we can help. Please give us a call at 850-837-1271.

Dr. Richard Chern, MD, and Sue Griffin, ARNP, have been providing BioTE bioidentical hormone therapy longer than any other physician in the region and are the only Platinum BioTE partners in the region. Call today for an appointment for bio-identical hormone therapy, thyroid optimization, aesthetics and weight loss.