Fishing Time is Here!


By Pam Anderson

Capt A Mason And TriggerHow exciting! Fishing season began March 1 for all the local headboats and charter boats! And, guess what’s on the menu? One of the sweetest tasting fish of all, one that many have thought were trash fish until recent years-Triggerfish! Yes! they are ugly, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts-you do remember your Momma telling you that, right?

Triggerfish season will run March 1 through April 30 this year and the boats are all gearing up to take you on a great ride into the Gulf of Mexico to catch them. Anglers will also be catching some Red Grouper, Vermillion Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish and several other species. It won’t be long before we hear that the Cobia are running.

Whether you just love being out on the Gulf in the fresh air, or sunning yourself on one of the upper decks, boating out of Grand Lagoon is the place to be. It is the most healthy way you can spend your days…. sunshine and fresh air.

In the Grand Lagoon, you can find 24-foot bay fishing charter boats to 60-foot Gulf fishing charter boats that carry 2 to 20 passengers and, also, up to 92-foot head-boats that carry as many as 80 passengers. All of these boats have the permits and proper licensing necessary for fishing. In addition, you can fish from shore and some piers with your own license you can purchase locally. But it’s always more fun on a boat!

At Capt. Anderson’s Marina we have several bay fishing charters available as well as 35 Gulf fishing charter boats and 3 head-boats that offer a variety of fishing options. Go for a few hours or go all day. Head-boats offer 5 hour, 6 hour and 10 hour trips in March. Charter boats cater to your schedule and run 4 hour to 12 hour trips, with some offering private overnight trips. Remember, the longer the trip, the deeper the water, and usually, the larger the fish. Whatever you choose, it will be great fun for you and your friends and family… and don’t forget healthy!

Our Capt. Anderson’s Marina has a fish market that will clean your fish when you return from your trip. You can even have the option of taking your catch to several local restaurants for what we call ‘hook ‘n cook’- you catch and have fish cleaned and the restaurants will cook them and provide the ‘sides’ for a reasonable fee. (Moms love it! No messin’ up her kitchen.)

We also offer private charters on the head-boats. You can book a large group, 30-80, if your church, club, business, or Scout troop would like to have the boat all to themselves. Pricing will vary according to seasons, but always reasonable.

The Capt. Anderson family has been taking families and friends fishing since 1935 and plan to keep going for generations to come. Capt. Anderson’s Marina, where the fish are always biting and the kids are always smiling!

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