Countertops: Light It Up!


Ever been interested in countertops that are backlit? If so, Granite Plus offers resources and can guide you in this exciting project!

Gp3When choosing a countertop that can be backlit, you can come by Granite Plus and a project manager will search the country to find you the perfect stone for your project. The best stones for this application are Onyx or Cristallo Quartzite but there are some marbles and granites out there that can be backlit. The recommended thickness of natural stone is 2CM. Quartzite is harder than Onyx and will be less likely to etch, but the colors, shapes and the look of Onyx is hard to resist. Onyx stone is unique and its visual qualities when backlit, I believe, are unparalleled. If you are remodeling your kitchen or are building a home, it is a good idea to design cabinetry and countertops together and choose your slabs ahead of time to ensure the stone you chose will work in your design. This application is also used in commercial applications and our project managers can assist in that as well.

You will need to choose what lighting system you would like to use. We recommend LightTape®. LightTape® is one of the most advanced products on the market and is used around the world to light up a wide range of products. A product made in the USA, It is a very thin sheet of lighting, as thin as a credit card, and it will evenly distribute light across your countertops without getting hot. The sheets are custom cut to the CAD drawing of your countertops and will require an electrician to install. LightTape® is durable and can withstand the weight of your stone. You can visit if you would like to learn more.

There are a few solid surfaces out there that can be backlit. Cambria Quartz offers a few colors that can be backlit at 6MM-1CM thickness. For those of you not familiar with a quartz surface, it is an engineered stone made from quartz, and Cambria quartz has one of the highest concentrations of pure quartz in it, making it very durable. Cambria recommends ThinLight or Aspect LED panels to backlight their quartz. Some of the colors that can be backlit include Skara Brae, Middleton, Brittanicca Gold and Brittanicca Warm.

We would love for you to stop by our showroom at 17801 Ashley Drive, Panama City Beach, for your next project. We are open 8-5 Monday through Friday and Saturdays 10-3. You can also call our showroom at (850) 236-6363 and a project manager will assist you. We hope to see you soon!