Considerations for Those Already Using Hormones


Dr Chern PhotoBy Dr. Richard Chern, M.D.

Women often ask us to optimize their creams or sublingual hormones another physician put them on.  Men ask us to get their testosterone shots dosed correctly.  Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get consistent therapeutic levels of hormones using these methods.  Secondly, most research indicates these methods are the most dangerous and raise your risk of strokes, heart attacks, blood clots and possibly even your cancer risk.  Lastly, they provide little to no health benefits.

When we discuss hormone pellet therapy a few concerns usually arise.  What if the dose is wrong?  BioTE has dosed well over a million patients and we are the oldest and largest hormone clinic in the region.  Secondly, we don’t dabble in hormones, this is our specialty.  We do hormones and do them well.  Because this is our area of expertise we keep up with the latest research.  We have knowledge of the latest studies many times before they are even published.

Because of our extensive knowledge and experience we are able to use your labs, symptoms, and many other factors to find a dosage that is personalized to you.  We look at your levels both before and after treatment and adjust as necessary based on which symptoms have resolved and which remain.

There are two goals when optimizing hormones.  The first goal is to resolve symptoms caused by low hormone levels due to natural aging.  The second goal is to reduce cancer risk, promote heart health, increase bone density, reduce pain, protect the brain and overall just decrease disease and increase health.  I think many patients do not consider this second goal because I will hear, well I don’t have hot flashes.

So what’s so bad about creams, sublinguals and shots?

First, creams & sublinguals last about four to six hours.  And as for shots you may get two or three days of feeling good before things deteriorate.  That’s like slamming on the breaks each time you get your car to highway speeds or stopping your exercise routine right after the warm up.  Pellets have consistent therapeutic levels for as long as six months.  That means your body can actually use these hormones to really start repairing your mind and body.

Research shows any oral estrogen increases inflammatory markers, increases risk of stroke and clots.  Creams are unable to get high enough levels in the bloodstream to even get into the uterus to help protect you from cancer.  And synthetic testosterone shots are well known to increase clotting factors and increase risk for stroke and heart attacks.

Dr. Richard Chern, MD and his providers typically spend 30 to 60 minutes with new patients educating them on the benefits of hormone therapy and reviewing each lab to make patients feel 100% comfortable. They are accepting new patients. Change your life and call 850-837-1271 for an appointment and turn your life around.