Complete Your Bay Tax Collector’s Office Transaction in Record Time


Be Prepared with the Needed Documents and Use Online Services

What to Bring
When liability is high, extra steps must be taken to keep everyone protected. At times, extra measures can be seen as an inconvenience. It can be frustrating when you visit an office and one missing document keeps you from completing a transaction. We understand the frustration, but we also are required to follow the guidelines set forth by our issuing agencies.

One of the greatest tools we have as a local office is to do our best to inform the public of what they need before they make the first visit to see us.

We’ve got a great list on our website of items you’ll need to bring with you based on the transaction you’re desiring to complete.

Whether you’re a new Florida resident, needing a Florida driver license or a longtime resident who has recently purchased a vehicle out-of-state, you can easily learn what you’ll need to bring in to successfully complete your transaction. Scan the What to Bring QR code with your smart phone camera to access the link to our “What to Bring” list.

Express Lane Access
If you simply need to renew your vehicle, you can easily renew online before 3 p.m. and pick up your renewal same day at the office you choose. You can even designate someone else to pick up the renewal for you. When you receive the notification your renewal has been processed, you can proceed to the Information Desk located at the office selected to pick up your renewal without having to wait. Scan the Express Lane QR Code to access our online renewal system.

Make an Appointment
It really does help to make an appointment or join the line virtually to minimize your wait. Appointments are given priority in our offices, so you can make the best use of your time by scheduling an appointment. If you have several transactions or are a new resident to Florida and in need of both title/registration of vehicles as well as obtaining a Florida Driver License, we strongly encourage you to make a “New Resident” appointment. You can usually find an appointment for most services within the week. Appointments are required for some services such as testing and concealed weapon license applications. You can easily book, reschedule or cancel your appointment from our website. Ready to book your appointment or join the line remotely? Scan the Book Appointment QR Code to get started!

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