Center for the Arts gets FIRED UP for the Summer!


Bay Arts Alliance is happy to announce FIRED UP, an exhibition of pottery pieces created by nine local artists, to be on display at the Center for the Arts this summer.

Art Image (2)FIRED UP opens July 1 and runs from July 2 – August 27. It includes work by Pavel Amromin, Mary Kay Griffith, Jillian Heusohn, Tammy Marinuzzi, Kelly McLendon, Jaweria Rizvi, Cynthia Smith, Nolan Windholtz, and Mandy Yourick.

“Instant excitement–is what I felt when I first had the idea of creating a ceramics exhibit. Mainly, because it’s a medium that resonates within me,” said Tori Haudenschild, education and events manager of Bay Arts Alliance. “I knew right off, we would want to include specific elements that would provide an educational aspect to the show. This way, someone that hasn’t been exposed to pottery, will be able to come in and understand the process from beginning to end.”

Art Image (1)For the exhibition, each artist will present two pieces created based on the prompts of raw and joy. By providing the two prompts, it sets a baseline for the viewer. Visitors can see how versatile clay can be and the prompts provide an even platform for the viewer to interpret through. Each artist will also include additional works that showcase each of their individual styles.

“When Tori approached me with the idea of Fired Up, she was bubbling with so much passion, I thought it best to just stay out of her way and let her do her thing,” said Jayson Kretzer, executive director of Bay Arts Alliance. “I’m glad I did because she has put together a fantastic show that really highlights the high levels of talent we have here in our ceramics community.”

On Saturday, July 2, ceramic artist Nolan Windholtz will help kick off the exhibitions with our first Raku Encounters. Raku firing is an ancient Japanese ceramics technique that has been used for centuries to create a very unique finish to wares. Students will get to select a piece of Nolan’s pre-thrown pottery to decorate using a raku glaze (Pricing will depend on which piece of pottery is selected and will be on a first come, first serve basis). Once pieces are glazed, they will be fired on site.
Art Image
Also opening in July is Wade Rubin’s Orange Jelly Packets exhibition on display in the Mary Ola Miller Gallery. Though Rubin, a Panama city Beach native, has previously shown individual pieces at the Center for the Arts, this will be his first solo exhibition.

Rubin started working with clay in high school and was encouraged by his art teacher there, along with instructors Pavel Amromin and Tammy Marinuzzi, who pushed him to follow his passion and explore ceramics. Rubin even had the opportunity to enroll in a study abroad program that allowed him to travel to Greece.

“Everyday life inspires a lot of my work,” said Wade Rubin. “Where the sidewalk meets the grass, painted lines in a parking lot, things that we typically pass without noticing. This collection is about feeling and seeing the spaces we live in.”

In the Cafe Gallery one of our studio artists, Stella Reinstatler, is exhibiting her show titled, Panamá to Panama. Reinstatler was introduced to ceramics through her Gulf Coast State College instructor, Roland Hockett, in 2000 and that is where her love of pottery first began.

“In my first solo show, I wanted to be able to bring art from our namesake city, Panama City, Panamá to Panama City, Florida,” said Stella Reinstatler. “Visiting my family in Panamá (Central America) opened up a world of color and vibrance which speaks to my heart and I’m very excited to share this world with the community.”

Be sure to check out all three exhibits starting in July. The Center for the Arts is free to the public and open to visitors Tuesday through Saturday.