Capt. Anderson’s: Reflection, Thanksgiving and Fall-Winter Events


By Pam Anderson

Remember the days when locals used to say PCB was a ghost town after Labor Day? I think the old saying was ‘it was so quiet here after Labor Day you could roll a bowling ball down Front Beach Road and never hit a car or a person!’ Not anymore!

Andersons NWe can thank City, County, TDC, and Chamber of Commerce leaders for realizing we have a lot more to offer here in what used to be the ‘off season.’ So true! Many folks have year-round jobs, not just summer jobs; many industries have moved in to build a better, more vibrant local economy. Thank you all for your vision!

With that, we can offer many more activities for locals and visitors alike in the fall and winter.

In Grand Lagoon, at this writing, the Grand Lagoon Coalition is working toward the annual Bloody Mary Fest event the first weekend in November which is hosted by Sheraton PCB-it includes a Golf Event, too! Missed it this year? Find out more on their webpage at and be sure to get it in your calendar for 2022.

On November 11, Capt. Anderson’s Marina hosted the Anderson family’s 47th annual salute to our Veterans on Veterans Day. It started at 11 a.m. with the Freedom Celebration hosted by Neysa Wilkins, with several honored guests as well as inspiring music, a gracious ‘thank you’ for your service’ and more. Following the celebration, veterans and their immediate families were invited to board one of the Capt. Anderson boats for a free Dolphin Cruise. Again, we say ‘thank you for your service!’

On November 25, let’s all stop and give thanks to the One who is our Great Provider.
In December, the ninth Annual Bethlehem Christmas Village at Capt. Anderson’s Marina will take place Wednesday through Saturday, Dec. 8-11. Storytellers will be stationed around the village to share their stories of this amazing Gift to humanity and the part they played in this event. The re-enactment of the story of Jesus’ birth will be presented before and after musical presentations from our local schools. The Village will be open from 5:30 until 8:30 each evening. Local vendors will have their Christmas merchandise on sale as well as food, but the event is free… except that the ‘Tax Collector’ will expect a donation of food or gifts or funds for local charities (not required, but appreciated). There are also free gifts for the children who visit and collect pages for their ‘story’ books. Find out more at our website at Giving thanks for free speech!

And then there is fishing….The special season for Red Snapper for charter and head-boats ended November 5, but fall and winter fishing continues with many of the boats in Grand Lagoon.

When planning your fishing trip, remember Capt. Anderson’s Marina… home of three large head-boats, 35 private charter boats, and four dive boats… and Shell Island/Dolphin Cruises. Be sure to call or check our website for fall and winter schedules.

Capt. Anderson’s Marina…Where the fish are always biting and the kids are always smiling. Visit