Book Review: Rose in A Storm By Jon Katz


Review by Jack Smith

Rose In A StormSometimes you just get lucky and trip over a reading treasure. About ten years ago I picked up a paperback that I had never heard of by an author I had never heard of and lost sleep reading it. Katz, in real life, owns a Border Collie named Rose. How much of this story is true? Katz won’t say. The book is narrated by Rose, a fictional Border Collie who, along with her owner, Sam, is charged with saving the farm animals from a horrific winter storm that features sub-zero temperatures, snow, and high winds. Sam gets hurt and is flown out leaving Rose by herself. She manages to take care of her sheep, herself, and an old wild dog who is seeking shelter from the storm. There is plenty of action as they are attacked by coyotes during a snowstorm that reaches the second floor of the farmhouse. It takes all of Rose’s instincts and intelligence to save her sheep and the farm. This book will touch your soul, especially if you have owned a “special dog.” I am blessed to have owned several exceptional dogs and loved them all and then came Milly. Rescued from the Fort Walton Animal Center, this seventy-five pound half-Pitbull, half-Pointer has renewed my faith in all things that are good. Read “Rose in a Storm “and then go rescue your own Milly.