Ask Apex: A Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare


By Jeremy Neel

Sewage backups are a homeowner’s or renter’s worst nightmare. Backups can cause flooding, broken pipes, and introduce raw sewage into your home. Cleaning up after and fixing a problem such as this is one task that is best left to the professionals. Raw sewage carries a variety of germs and bacteria that can make you ill. If you, or someone in your family, is pregnant, elderly, or has a compromised immune system, you should not risk exposing yourself to the germs that are carried within raw sewage. It is best to immediately call a professional sewage cleanup crew to remediate a flooding situation or sewage backup. They will follow specific safety protocol and use protective gear designed to prevent the spread of disease.

The longer water and sewage remains, the worse the problem gets. Significant water damage can occur in as little as 12-24 hours. Most people do not have the flexibility to drop everything at a moment’s notice to dry out and disinfect their homes after a sewage backup. Apex Disaster Specialists can be at your home within a few hours to minimize water damage and begin sewage cleanup.

Recovering from a sewage backup is more than cleaning the dirt and waste out of your home. Problems can occur such as water damage, mold growth, bio-hazard threats, and broken plumbing or septic system. Apex Disaster Specialists will also be able to advise you on which of your possessions can be safely cleaned or restored, and which should be replaced. If your property remains under sewage water for long, the damage will be considerable. Flooring and insulation materials that have been soaked up will need to be removed, as well as mattresses, leather products, stuffed toys, and paper products (including books and documents).

What To Do After a Sewage Backup

1) Do not flush toilets or attempt to drain tubs and sinks – just don’t use the water supply system in your home until the problem has been detected and taken care of.

2) Do not use harsh chemicals in an attempt to unclog the drainage system quickly and easily. They can damage your pipes and sewer lines and make the matters worse. Opt for treatment options which use enzymes instead of chemicals – they will most likely solve your problem and will prevent future clogging.

3) Keep children and pets away from the affected area.

4) If it is still safe, shut off the power. Otherwise, don’t go near electrical equipment.

5) Wear protective clothing: gloves, eyeglasses, rubber boots and a face mask.

6) Open windows to allow fresh air in and ventilate well to remove any fumes.

7) Add small amounts of chlorine bleach to standing water to ensure some disinfection.

8) Use sump pumps to remove excessive water.

9) Call for professional assistance.

Remember that sewage backups should be dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Apex Disaster Specialists has the most adequate equipment and the experience required for a quick and efficient intervention. We can come up with the most appropriate and safest solution. Apex also offers not only water extraction but quality repair work, odor removal, and overall sanitization. Before returning to your everyday life, make sure the entire property has been perfectly sanitized, the electrical and plumbing systems have been checked and fully repaired, and all the appliances are safe and in good working order.

Should you experience a sewage backup, Apex is the company to call: 877-307-3088! We will reach your property in a timely manner and restore your home as quickly as possible.