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Lovely Couple Of Young People Having Rest In Field

These 3 R’s Let Your Happy Relationship Bloom

By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD Spring symbolizes rebirth and reminds us of the constant opportunity to refresh and renew our lives and improve our relationships. And,...
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Want a Future? Choose Forgiveness, Not Fighting

By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD My friend Mike confided to me that he and his wife of over 20 years are getting a divorce. Although...

Effective Apologies Turn Conflict into Healing

By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD I’ve said it a thousand times, but people still don’t believe me. Conflict can actually be good for your relationship. Conflict can...

Resolving to Be Happy Might Require the Courage to Divorce

By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD More than half the U.S. population makes New Year’s resolutions. But people rarely actually include “get a divorce” on their...
Close Up Shot Of Female Hands Holding A Small Gift

Money Can’t Buy Love, But the Right Gift Can

By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD Most gift givers assume that a more expensive present will be more appreciated, yet receivers don’t appreciate expensive gifts more...
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Four Steps to Coping with “Unsolvable” Marital Conflict

By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD Most marital conflicts are unsolvable. In fact, according to renowned relationship researcher John Gottman, 69% of marital conflicts are perpetual...
Happy Couple Loving Feeling

The One Simple Act that Primes Your Marriage for Romance

By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD The secret to long-lasting romance in marriage is surprisingly simple, inexpensive, and fool proof. It isn’t a candlelit dinner on your...
Playful Couple Having Fun On Their Summer Beach Vacation

Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together

By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD Couples who play together, stay together, but that doesn’t mean you should treat your marriage like a game. If you...

A New School Year, A New Approach to Family Communication for You?

By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD This new school year is the perfect time to refresh your parenting style and renew your approach to family communication. Back-to-school...

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